About Us

Why We're Here

A corporation board meeting in where creative, and innovative nationwide brainstorming is happening.

Tower Bridge Consultants LLC  mentors individuals to become the best version of themselves. The mental and actionable tools that unleash the 

inspiration to succeed. A results focused and passion driven action plan. We Guide you through the roadblocks and struggles of the business world 

and life that are simply inevitable. We build leaders by coaching hard working individuals and making sure their efforts are channeled in the most 

efficient and productive manner. These leaders can then pay forward their knowledge, experience, and grit with their local communities.

Our Style

Professional work from home careers in Business to Business (B2B) sales. Employee Benefits meetings.

We start by asking you the questions to find out what you want from 

your business? What do you really want in this world? Where do you 

see yourself in 5 years and 10 years? We build a detailed successful 

profile of the person you are today and the exact person you will 

become. Our Philosophy is simple. You are your own leader and you 

determine your own direction. We provide you with the proper tools, 

knowledge and wherewithal to get you to where you want to be. I have 

yet to meet a highly successful person who did not have an experienced 

mentor of some sort in their life.

Developing The Business of Your Dreams

Individual sales for legal plans, insurance, identity protection, and retirement plans.

How do we get you to that person you told us you wanted to be.

*  Personality Assessment and Profile Building

* An Online Training Platform. One of The Most Robust In The Business

* Learn Where To Find New Customers, Build Those Relationships, & Build Your Business.

* A Customer Relations Management Software That Optimizes Your Work Space For You & Your Entire Team.

*  Become Your Own Brand & Expert In Your Marketplace

*  Conference Calls, Daily Wake Up Calls, & Personal one on one sessions.

Career Opportunities

Tower Bridge Consultants LLC in conjunction with HRMC provides work at home opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. We are seeking the types of individuals that would like to have a lifetime residual income, advanced commissions, and a desire to bring these much needed products to their marketplace. Our specialty brokered products and services have less than a 4% market penetration and there is no comparable competition in the marketplace.

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